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If you are interested in modeling for me. Please take a second to read this following information. 

All models are welcome to contact me about shooting regardless of experience. Before shooting I ask that you notify me of any concepts you might have and please provide examples such as a pinterest link or directly emailing me image examples. 

Every model I work with has the right to review images during and after our shoot. After the shoot I will provide you with a secure link to all the unedited images. In addition I will provide you with images that I like as well as images I select, and you can give me a list of images from our shoot you like. As an artist, I believe that the Model does work just as hard as the Photographer, MUA, Stylist, or any other support staff and deserves just as much credit.

Images are subject to be posted on, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook unless otherwise stated. I will never post a image live without communicating with the model. If we work on a idea or concept that you would prefer to stay confidential, please make that be known. 

Unless otherwise stated I prefer to work only with models who are 18+

For any other questions or inquiries please fill out the submission form below and I will contact you via email. 

- Robert Rosenberg


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