Objective: To obtain a position that let’s my creative, technical, and organizational skills to thrive in a media focused environment.



Runnerspace                                                                                    Jan 2013 - Present

After was acquired by Runnerspace, my role transitioned from a photojournalism focused position, to a media production and documentary filmmaker position. I travel North America photographing, filming, and organizing the various elements that go into the production of our critically acclaimed videos and media content. With over 170 million page views and 17 million unique visitors per year, I’ve played a key role in growing this small company into the world’s most popular track and field media entity. We house and produce the entire collection of media content for the governing bodies of USA Track & Field and Athletics Canada, covering over 200 events per year. Fueled by exclusive content, robust social networking platforms and the world’s largest network of running related websites, RunnerSpace helps brands engage with key consumer segments while those consumers engage with the sport.


Notable accomplishments:

  • Photographed, filmed and produced various high profile events for Nike, New Balance, HOKA One One, US Olympics Trials, and more.

  • Broadcast Director and Production Assistant for various North American Track & Field championships.

  • Assisted in the development and production of the HOKA One One Top Trails documentary series.

  • Other notable accomplishments are listed below in the Skills section.

Dyestat                                                                                              May 2007 - Dec 2012

My work with Dystat started with photographing Oregon high school track & field events, and quickly expanded to include the Western half of the United States once my skills were recognized by the company. I was one of a handful of contracted photographers, and my work included published projects featuring photo essays and general event coverage. During my time at Dyestat, I gained the experience and knowledge to be a successful photojournalist. Dyestat provided me with real world experience, and on the job training, that proved to be a rewarding and valuable contrast to my university education in fine art and photography. During my last year working for Dyestat, I covered the 2012 Olympic Trials, which put all the skills and knowledge I had learned up until that point into perspective. Being surrounded by some of the world’s best sports photographers and journalists solidified my passion for this field of work.


University of Oregon Bookstore                                       July 2011 - May 2015

At the U of O Bookstore, I was a Technology Sales Associate and Campus Outreach coordinator. I conducted various promotional events as a store ambassador, cultivating relationships with campus community members and faculty. I also provided technical instruction and purchasing advice for our customers. I was certified as an Apple Sales Professional, and as a Microsoft Product Sales Professional. I worked with students from every corner of the globe, gaining a greater understanding of what it meant to be a customer service professional.



Graduated from University of Oregon - BoS in Fine Art, with a focus in Photography    2011 - 2014

Graduated from St. Helens High School, Oregon                                                            2003 - 2007



I’ve attended over 120 track & field events in a working capacity.

I’ve always been drawn to photography for well over 15 years. I’ve developed skills in multiple areas involving communication, camera maintenance, film development, composition, graphic design, and modern post edit processing..

  • I consider myself extremely sociable, with great communication skills, and have no problem directing talent how to position themselves, or working with a crew at setting up a production.

  • I’m proficient with several of the Adobe Suite programs, including Photoshop, InDesign, and premier, which I’ve used to create, design, catalog, and edit projects on a daily basis.   

  • I’m skilled with the Microsoft Office Suite, using programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.

  • I’m extremely familiar with both Mac OSX and Windows Environments.

Over the years I’ve built strong and valuable relationships with the representatives from many of todays leading shoe & apparel companies as well as academic institutions and athletic governing bodies. To name a few, Nike, New Balance, Hoka One One, USA Track & Field, Athletics Canada, University of Portland, and many more.

Other notable accomplishments I’ve achieved in my current position:

  • My desire for sports and not taking no for an answer, I was invited as a member of the media to photograph the Portland Trail Blazers while a junior in high school.

  • I was a volunteer intern team photographer for a former professional Portland Lacrosse team.  

  • Building the first AdWords campaign in the company’s history, increasing traffic year over year by more than 50%.


Who I have worked with: